Writing Tips And Tricks At The 2015 Oklahoma Technical Writing Workshop


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The challenged posed at the 2015 Oklahoma Technical Writing Workshop was: Do you have what it takes to be a great technical writer? Are you committed to learning from your past mistakes and confident enough to write complicated technical files? If you are one of the hopeful writers who want to make your passion a career, then learn some tips and tricks from seasoned writers themselves.

  • Create a simple technical writing portfolio. If you’re still starting and you don’t have samples from other clients, write some for your future clients. You can rewrite documents for some popular applications, or make an instruction manual for a specific product, something that clients can see and appreciate.
  • Find a niche that you love and suits you. Make a checklist and cross out the ones that don’t seem to interest you. Choose something that you have knowledge and passion on, like music, or product reviews, or software. Build on that strength. Practice on that niche.
  • Ask for advice from the experts. Even if you think you’ve become so much better than when you started, you should never stop seeking more things to learn about. Technical writing is an ever-growing industry, and you need to be updated with the latest style and the latest changes. You can search for tips from your favorite writers on the web.
  • Concentrate on the target audience – the reader. Make sure that your content answers your reader’s questions and can convey your message to him or her. Write simply and concisely.
  • Be ready with everything before you commit to doing a project with a client. If there are unclear instructions, don’t hesitate to ask your client for clarifications. It’s better to ask than to make mistakes in the middle of the project and do it all over again.

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  • Be grounded. When you have achieved success and have established a great client base, you should always be humble enough to be open for feedback from your clients, your friends, and your fellow writers. Whether it’s positive or negative, either will help you grow personally and professionally.




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